Core Essential Values Store

Our Canopy Business and Community Package contains resources for supporting your local students in their effort to help kids see that values exist in schools, in families, and in our communities. 

Businesses and community organizations have the opportunity to be the "canopy" in fostering character building inside and outside the schools you care about.

Because your kids go there.

Because your grandkids go there.

Because those kids will work for you and with you someday soon.

Core Essential Values schools' emphasize a value, with its life application definition, each month that all point back to these three BIG Ideas for kids to learn: 

• Treat Others Right

• Make Smart Decisions

• Maximize Your Potential

Download monthly visual resources AND receive a monthly emailed newsletter, with additional resources to emphasize the SAME VALUE AS SCHOOLS are emphasizing. 

 — Printable 8.5” x 11” color posters of the value of the month and life application definition (option of community posters, elementary age posters, or middle and high school age posters)

 — JPEG images of the value and definition (variety of sizes for use in social media, email, etc.)

 — List of Quotes for each value/month 

 — List of Books highlighting each value (to recommend, display, read!)

 — Monthly Coloring Sheets (to have in waiting areas, giveaways, children’s areas)  

 — Leadership Resources to share within your business