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Combine your character education and social-emotional learning to see big results—even with a small budget and limited time.

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We can help you align your school in three easy steps

1. Simplify

Using one curriculum for both character education and social-emotional learning reduces strain on teachers and on your budget.

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2. Clarify

Focusing on a common language brings everyone (your whole school or your whole district) onto the same page.

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3. Amplify

Wrap around resources throughout the school ensure students hear, see, and practice the values each day.

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Save time

Your time is limited – you need everyone on the same page, speaking the same language, with the same vision for kids: to treat others right, make smart decisions, and maximize their potential.

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get everyone on the same page

We use monthly value words (or Big Ideas) and a simple application to help focus on developing internal competencies in order to influence outward behaviors. Or in other words, as we tell kids, “Ideas that grow inside you to change the world around you.”

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Infuse SEL Competencies

We infuse the social-emotional learning competencies with each of our monthly values:

SEL Competencies: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, Responsible, Decision-Making

Big Idea Values: Wisdom, Initiative, Individuality, Contentment, Service, Self-Control, Compassion, Cooperation, Hope, Perseverance

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What others are saying about Core Essentials

Core Essentials has revolutionized our character education program. Our students are putting others before themselves and are demonstrating the values that are taught using the Core Essentials Program.

– Ash Blanton, Cleveland Road Elementary, Georgia

In our middle school, we found this framework to be meaningful and align to a bigger vision in our county where local businesses and organizations also focused on these same character traits. We also were able to link these traits to employability skills that ultimately develop better citizens and employees in our community. This work is truly making a difference!

– Dawn Sonsini, Former Principal of Northeastern Middle School, Indiana

Core Essentials has stood the test of time! 20 years and we STILL find it amazingly impactful and sustainable for our students, staff and families. Supports our MTSS, Leader in Me and SEL initiatives.

– Laura McCain, Highland Elementary, Kentucky

Our school loves Core Essentials which we have used for our character education for years. I love the videos, the color sheets and colorful visuals are a favorite. The children enjoy hearing about the animals. Thank you to our partner in values, Chick-fil-A!

– Elizabeth Johnston, Jack D. Johnson Elementary, Southlake, TX