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Over time, kids decide what they believe about values, behaviors, and choices.
It doesn’t happen overnight.
And it always needs to be reinforced.

We equip schools, families, and communities to instill values, those inward attitudes that become outward behaviors.

By using a common language of a monthly value and it’s simple definition along with easy-to-implement resources, we help kids in schools and their families

treat others right
make smart decisions
maximize their potential

“Because students spend so much time at school, our schools offer a critically important opportunity to ensure that all students get the support and help they need to reach their full potential. Schools with high-quality character education are places where students, teachers, and parents want to be. They are places where young people do their best work because they feel safe, appreciated, supported, and challenged by their peers and the adults around them.”

—From’s 11 Principles of Effective Character Education

By meeting all of the 11 Principles of Effective Character Education, you can rest assured that if your school/program uses Core Essentials, you will be richly equipped with research-based methods to tackle the A-B-C elements facing character education in schools:

State test scores, achievement gap, other evidence of academic achievement go up

Attendance, suspensions, referrals, involvement in service learning, graduation / dropout rates improve

Climate survey results that show:
• bullying rare / students feel safe
• students respect each other
• students and teachers respect each other
• adults respect each other

Using our strategy and resources, your school will be equipped to engage parents, students, and school personnel in a culture shift in your school.


All of our lessons are written with consideration of the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) Core Competencies. Learn about those here: CASEL.ORG COMPETENCIES

Learn more about’s 11 Principles of Effective Character Education: 11 PRINCIPLES.

Learn more about the American School Counselors Association’s standards: ASCA STANDARDS



We all know that value-based school stories are easy to compile.

We love listening to them. We love to share them too!
In this world of evidence-based research, the stories still need to be backed up.
One way is through outcome measurements: school climate, attendance, discipline referrals.  The other is through measuring strengths.

Strengths are measured in four general categories:
Category > Associated Strengths
Respect > honesty, cooperation, humility, courage
Responsibility > wisdom, peace, perseverance, self-control
Relationship > love, forgiveness, kindness, gratitude
Transcendence > creativity, optimism, curiosity, spirituality


Use our student report cards to help assess your students!

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