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When You’re Honored

A student honors his principal.

What’s the greatest honor you’ve ever received?

Sometimes when you’re teaching or leading, it can feel like you are treading water, just keeping your mouth and nose above the waves enough to catch a breath. Sometimes, however, you get reminded why it is you do what you do.

A user of Core Essentials’ Reco middle school curriculum got this note from a student this week. Imagine that! The school was in the middle of the accreditation process, and the principal was stressed and overworked. Then this note showed up on her desk.

So what does this mean for you? First, when you get a note like this, feel encouraged to keep it. Find a drawer, box, or folder where you drop any kind, meaningful communication, even a printed email. Break those out on days when you feel tired or tempted to take the easy road.

Second, this principal’s day was changed because one student took the time to say what he felt. Who needs to hear from you…

a student?

a teacher?

a staff member?

a parent?

a volunteer?

a friend?

your spouse?

There are a mere two sentences on that note, but they made a huge statement. For whom can you do that today?